Huffle-My-Puff - Angry Hare
Huffle-My-Puff - Angry Hare
Huffle-My-Puff - Angry Hare
Huffle-My-Puff - Angry Hare
Huffle-My-Puff - Angry Hare


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There's nothing better than having a common room by the kitchens.

Not only can you sneak over and snatch some snacks, but you get to smell the heavenly aroma of each feast. Out of all the cooking, the desserts are probably the best. The smells of pear, coconut, and cake are wafting through every evening, making it hard to focus on next day's transfiguration homework.

People can say what they want about you and your housemates but they're the ones missing out on the midnight cake parties.

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TIN CONTAINER: tin, resealable lid
WAX: all natural, soy
WICK: all natural cotton, zinc and lead free

Angry Hare candles are handmade in small batches with all natural soy. Our labels are custom designed and printed by us. A lot of time and care goes into our candle making process, and we like to make sure each candle is sufficiently comical before releasing it here on our shop. We are a family business, obsessed with television, movies, boy bands, and books. Almost all of our candle ideas stem from one or more of those things.


Keep in mind temperature and wait time when it comes to your candle shipment! Angry Hare is not responsible for any melting or damage that occurs during transit and cannot accept returns for these reasons.

If there is damage to your candle that you believe occurred in the candle making process, please contact us with pictures and we will work on making your return as easy-breezy as possible!

Some frosting may occur. This is normal and unavoidable! Frosting is just the effect of the natural soy wax. Any frosting will be minimal and will not effect the scent of the candle.

Please burn responsibly! We recommend trimming the wick of your candle after every 4hrs of burn time. Do not burn your candle in irresponsible places, near children or animals, or unsupervised. Angry Hare is not responsible for usage of the candle after it arrives to the buyer. Please read all warning labels on each product.