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Why does my candle's wax look funny?

Soy wax naturally frosts! Our new 8oz jars are made of beautifully blown glass, which means you may be able to see a bit of frosting. This is a normal function of soy! It means you can safely clean and reuse your jar after you're finished burning.

Wait- I thought there was free shipping?

There is! Our new 8oz candles ship for free to the mainland United States. If you order has one of our discontinued tin candles, there will be a shipping charge. This is because we've built the shipping costs into our new candles, but we did not retroactively apply this to our discontinued stock. Reach out with any questions; we're happy to help!

So when will my candle get here anyway?

Once your order leaves our hands, the best way to estimate when it will arrive on your doorstep is by checking the USPS tracking number! Orders will typically arrive to their destination in the mainland US within three days of shipment. International shipments will vary based on individual customs practices.

Something's wrong with my order / my order is damaged!

That's the worst. We will do everything we can to make it right. Let us know right away.