Meet The Angry Hare Team

About Us

Angry Hare is a small business in Ohio creating a range of products – including vegan, eco-friendly soy candles – that are inspired by pop culture. We combine comedy with aesthetics for a range of unique experiences inspired by pop culture icons, fandoms, and people in our lives like moms and friends!

Our Mission

Angry Hare strives to embody a safe, inclusive, and loving community for those who often feel excluded from spaces in popular fandoms – or aspects of popular culture in general – by providing fan-made merchandise as an alternative to officially licensed products.

Meet The Team

  • Angel | CEO & CFO

    Angel Osman is the mother of this mother-daughter trio! She is the Chief Executive Office (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Angry Hare. Angel spends her free time scrolling TikTok and running around after her grandpup.

  • Marissa | Executive Director

    Marissa Osman is 1/2 of the daughters in this mother-daughter trio! She is Angry Hare’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Executive Director. Involved in many fandoms, Marissa knows her clientele well. In her free time, she enjoys film photography.

  • Alexandra | Design & Marketing

    Alexandra Osman is 1/2 of the daughters in this mother-daughter trio! She is the Chief Creative Officer (CCO) as well as the brand’s Executive Marketing Consultant. She is to Angry Hare as Simon Cowel is to One Direction, so to speak.

  • Finnegan | Assistant

    As the newest addition to the Angry Hare Team, Finnegan assists in all duties. He primarily serves as Executive Personal Assistant to the brand’s CCO, Ally. Rumors suggest he is favored to take over the company when the CEO retires.