Aesthetic Comedy

Taking life and grabbing it by the nostrils.

Who are we?

Harry Potter Inspired

Yer a candle, Harry.

Hamilton Inspired

Look around, look around, at how lucky you are to be smelling right now!

Fandom Inspired


Aesthetically Inspired

Simple, chic labeling, and reusable tin containers.


Bye, bye 😢

Some of your favorite candles might be leaving for good to make room for new additions. Check here, and don’t be afraid to cry it out if you need to.

Sorting Set

Our Hogwarts House Set has become our Sorting Set! No worries, they're the same four candles you know and love. Shop away, little Hogwarts baes!

Free Shipping 4ever

We all love to hear those two little words... free shipping.  😍