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Stinky Dog Club Spray | For Room, Car, And Linen

Stinky Dog Club Spray | For Room, Car, And Linen

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This lightly scented spray is perfect for keeping your home and car smelling fresh in between cleanings. Refresh your space without worrying about your pup's sensitive nose!

Welcome to this meeting of the Stinky Dog Club! Whether you're a lifelong member or brand new, we're happy to have you.

Feel free to find an open seat, but there will probably be dog hair on it. At today's meeting, we'll be discussing the pros and cons of doggie dry shampoo.

We also have a guest speaker who has been a dog groomer for over 30 years; they'll be walking us through some basic client-groomer etiquette. Here's the accompanying handout! It's a list of mental exercises to practice when we feel embarrassed about totally normal things like asking to have our dog's anal glands expressed or how to introduce your dog when they have the name of a middle-aged man.

We'll be providing snacks afterward, but I hope you're not too hungry because the dogs get first dibs.

This spray is made with ingredients that are safe for use in homes with pets. Please use caution when spraying and remember to monitor for any allergic reactions.


Shake well before each use.

Store in a cool, dry place. DO NOT store this spray inside your vehicle.

When used as a room spray...

Aim for the center of the room and spritz into the air.

When used as a linen spray...

Use caution when spraying delicate fabrics. You should always perform a test spray by spritzing a small amount onto a discreet section of the fabric first.

When used as a car spray...

Combine the guidelines from the room and linen spray sections. After all, what is a car if not a very small room with a lot of fabric?


This spray is not intended for use on or consumption by humans or pets. Avoid contact with the face, eyes, and skin. If contact occurs wash the area thoroughly. If consumption occurs, seek emergency medical advice immediately. 

This spray is highly flammable. Keep stored away from open flames or other heat sources. Do not spray onto or near open flames or other heat sources. 

If any liquid remains when disposing, do not pour it down the drain. Dispose of the liquid through a professional hazardous waste collection and disposal company.

Don't worry, we know that can sound scary! There are actually a lot of reasons why we shouldn't pour certain things down the drain, and it's not like everyone gets magically handed a list of no-no liquids when they turn into an adult. Here's what the US Federal Environmental Protection Agency has to say about it.


Isopropyl alcohol, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs), fragrance oil, distilled water

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