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Angry Hare

Thank You For Being On Poop Duty | Funny Gift 8oz Soy Candle

Thank You For Being On Poop Duty | Funny Gift 8oz Soy Candle

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We're not here to tell you how to give gifts, but we will just point out that this is maybe the most versatile gift in the world. Dog walker/pet sitter? Covered. Nanny/babysitter? Covered. Nursing home staff? Covered. 😎

This candle makes the perfect gift for almost anyone in your life if you have pets or kids!

New parents of newborns go through an absurd amount of diapers, and if you're parenting as a team of two, there has definitely been a time when one person valiantly took on Poop Duty so the other could sleep or eat or shower. If they're lucky, maybe a nanny or a babysitter is the one in charge during the worst blow-out of the day, for which this candle makes the perfect "thank-you" gift.

Busy pet parents will know what it's like to rely on dog walkers and pet sitters to keep their furry companions happy! For creatures so small, they sure can produce a lot of poop. This candle will - at the very least - help them to forget the smell of poop bags and litter boxes.

Have a loved one relying on nursing staff to live their life to the fullest? The job involves a huge amount of work, but nurses and care aides take it on like superheroes. Give them a good laugh with this candle.

Note Profile:

Top: Lemon, Cotton, Blossom
Middle: Linen
Base: Sandalwood, Powder, Violet

✓ Angry Hare 8oz. soy candles typically burn for 50-55 hours

✓ Each candle is made from 100% soy wax + fragrance oils and dyes that are free of parabens and phthalates

✓ Frosting is a natural effect of soy wax and does not change the scent or burn time in any way. The use of soy wax means you can clean and reuse your jar after burning!
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